Hospice Vigil Services

To provide bedside support and psychosocial care to individuals and their families during the final 72 hours of a person’s life in the setting that is home to the individual at the time of the visit.
When the Chilliwack Hospice Society is asked to put on a vigil, we know we will have a positive response from our volunteers, many of whom feel a calling to be present to help the dying.

A vigil can include any or all of the following:

  • Sitting quietly at the bedside
  • Holding a hand
  • Sharing silence
  • Reading aloud passages from a favourite book
  • Providing healing touch (if trained)
  • Giving quiet verbal assurance
  • Wiping the brow with a cool cloth
  • Providing mouth care
  • Singing songs the individual enjoyed
  • Spending time with family members/caregivers
  • Providing respite while family members sleep

Vigil Volunteers

An end-of-life vigil is one of the many services that the Chilliwack Hospice Society provides to dying individuals and their families in our community.
Vigil volunteers receive over 40 hours of intensive hospice palliative care education and training, are mentored by experienced volunteers, have signed a confidentiality agreement and have RCMP security clearance.

Services are provided,

  • in consultation with the family and personal support network;
  • to provide respite and comfort to family and friends;
  • for persons with no family and support network.

Request for a Vigil

Referrals are accepted from all sources and may be requested by medical staff, caregivers, loved ones or the individual nearing death. Vigil service may be provided in the home, hospital, Cascade Hospice Residence or long-term care facility.

Referral Process

When making a referral for a vigil, the following information is required:

  • Name of the patient plus any information about their status and ideas about what might provide comfort
  • Name and contact information of the person referring
  • Confirmation that family and personal support network have agreed to having the service provided
  • Name and contact information of family
  • Time frame for when the vigil team members will be needed
Jen Dacre
Jen DacrePalliative and Bereavement Services Manager
For more information about our Palliative Support Services, please call Jen at (604) 795-4660.