First Step Grief Support Group

The First Step Grief Support Group offers mutual support and socialization for bereaved people wanting to share the journey into change — into renewal. An 8-week closed program that takes place at Chilliwack Hospice Society; offered as necessary up to three times annually. The group is for individuals who have experienced the recent death of a loved one.

The Journey of Grief

The death of a loved one tears us apart and our lives are changed forever. We must be gentle with ourselves and build the strength and courage necessary to do our grief work.
Sharing our stories with others who understand is the first step toward healing.
Each of us has the capacity to find inner peace and growth on our personal grief journey.

The First Step Grief Support Group is a Place to,

  • Connect with others who are grieving in an informal and safe environment;
  • Increase our awareness and understanding of the grief process;
  • Facilitate individual grief work;
  • Increase our awareness of strengths and coping abilities;
  • Move on to the Second Step Grief Support Group, if you wish.

Group Credo

May we each be given peace and happiness and love and health;

May we learn to communicate and cooperate with those around us;

May we live in the moment; may we find inner peace by accepting the loss of our loved one;

May we be gentle with ourselves;

May we find strength and courage and love for ourselves;

May we find harmony in life and connect with what is spiritual within us and outside of us.

Jen Dacre
Jen DacreBereavement Services Manager
If you are interested in participating in this group or if you would like more information, please call Jen at (604) 795-4660.

“You have to let go of the life that you planned before you can find the life that is waiting for you.”

Joseph Campbell