Programs and Services

Although grieving is a natural process following the death of a loved one, it is often misunderstood by others.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. As individuals, we experience the death of loved ones in our own unique way.

If you feel a need for support, Hospice offers a variety of free programs including support groups, complementary therapies, library resources, and much more.

Bereavement Programs

BEREAVEMENT VISITATION PROGRAM: Volunteers visit bereaved individuals in their homes.

ONE TO ONE SUPPORT: Hospice staff and trained volunteers provide one-to-one support to palliative and bereaved individuals of all ages.

FIRST STEP GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: An 8-week closed program that takes place at Chilliwack Hospice Society. It is offered as necessary up to three times annually. The group is for individuals who have experienced a recent death.

CHILDREN’S GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: This program is for children, ages 6-12, who have experienced the death of a loved one; or who currently have a loved one dying.

GRIEVING THE DEATH OF A PET: This grief support group is for adults who have experienced the death of a beloved pet. Held once weekly for four weeks, this program provides a safe, supportive space to share and process grief.

IN-SCHOOL GRIEF SUPPORT: Hospice Society staff offer in-school supports to students, teachers and staff with loved ones who are dying or who have died.

HORSE WHISPERER GRIEF CAMP: This is a one-day annual program held in the summer for those grieving children and youth ages 5 – 17 residing in Chilliwack and surrounding communities.

PREGNANCY AND INFANT LOSS SUPPORT: We offer one-to-one support to parents whose baby has died from miscarriage, stillbirth or within the first year of life.

RELAXATION PROGRAM: We offer relaxation sessions to palliative and bereaved individuals on a weekly basis. We also offer (on request) a Relaxation Program in our clients’ homes, the hospital and the Cascade Hospice Residence and at care facilities.

SIBLING GRIEF PEER SUPPORT GROUP: A peer support group for adult siblings who are grieving a sibling who has died.

TRAUMATIC LOSS GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: The group is for individuals/families who have had a loved one die in ways including but not limited to suicide, homicide, accident, substance use and/or physical illness. It is an 8 session 2 hour long group that meets once a week for 8 weeks.

Palliative Support Services

PALLIATIVE PATIENT VISITATION: A team of hospice volunteers and staff visit palliative patients at the Cascade Hospice Residence, Chilliwack General Hospital, care facilities and in their homes.


EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS: Throughout the year Chilliwack Hospice Society hosts a variety of in-person and virtual educational workshops and presentations for the community. Topics may include advance care planning, financial and legal matters, self-care and wellness. Educational workshops are provided free or at minimal cost.