Volunteer Profile: Kathy Niddrie

Hi, my name is Kathy Niddrie. For the past couple of years, I’ve volunteered in the fashion department at the Thrifty Boutique. In a former life, I worked in retail merchandising and for me, the fashion area was a natural fit. Thrifty Boutique allowed me to transition from employment to retirement and I’m enjoying every [...]

Volunteer Profile: Kathy Niddrie2024-06-17T14:14:51-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Alanna Klassen

My name is Alanna Klassen. I am honoured to be a volunteer at the Chilliwack Hospice Society in the Thrifty Boutique. I have been volunteering there since October of 2022. I am always so thrilled to work my shifts where I have the privilege of working with some really great people for which I now [...]

Volunteer Profile: Alanna Klassen2024-03-04T15:49:50-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Antoinette (Toni) Elder

Hi, my name is Antoinette (Toni) Elder. I started volunteering for the Chilliwack Hospice Society in 2020. I volunteer as a cashier at the Thrifty Boutique two mornings a week. I chose the Hospice Society because of the great work they do in our community, and the care they provide for those in Hospice. I [...]

Volunteer Profile: Antoinette (Toni) Elder2024-02-14T10:57:27-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Jim and Jan Wyntonyk

Hi, our names are Jim and Jan. We have been volunteering at the Thrifty Boutique since 2013. We are one of the many husband and wife teams currently volunteering at the store. I work in the décor department and Jim helps in many areas of the store. We both enjoy helping make Thrifty Boutique successful [...]

Volunteer Profile: Jim and Jan Wyntonyk2023-10-31T15:46:02-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Johnny

Hi, my name is Johnny Battaglio. I started volunteering at Chilliwack Hospice Society in 2010, along with my wife Renee who was on the Relaxation team. We also volunteered together at the Cascade Hospice. When Renee was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, I became her main caregiver; I learned how to administer all her medication [...]

Volunteer Profile: Johnny2023-08-10T13:00:55-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Trudy

Hello, my name is Trudy. After retirement and looking after my grandson, I found this hidden gem in Chilliwack called the Thrifty Boutique. I loved shopping there; everyone treated me so kindly. I noticed the volunteers working together and laughing together. So, I decided to become a volunteer in June of 2022 and I’m loving [...]

Volunteer Profile: Trudy2023-07-04T14:52:11-07:00

Volunteer Profile: Colleen

Hello! My name is Colleen.  I volunteer at the Chilliwack Hospice Society as a receptionist and I also volunteer for various events like the Gala, Hoedown, Hike for Hospice and the Tree of Life Celebration at Minter’s store every year. I became involved with the Hospice Society because my husband passed away from cancer in [...]

Volunteer Profile: Colleen2023-06-22T11:33:49-07:00
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